Inside Look: Rhett McNair’s Winning 40+ 2wd Mod Buggy

Inside Look: Rhett McNair’s 2wd Mod Buggy

Recently, the JConcepts Team attended the Florida Carpet Championships at Beachline RC Raceway! It was literally a world-class event with drivers from all over the world in attendance. One stand-out driver this year was Rhett McNair. Rhett particularly stood out in the 40+ 2wd Modified Buggy class. In Seeding, Rhett McNair would seed 3rd overall. He remained consistent as we moved through qualifying taking 3rd overall. When it came time for the mains, he was ready to make his stand-out move. He was able to drive it out and take both A1 & A2 for an early overall win! We were so stoked for McNair as he took 1st on the podium! That being said, we wanted an Inside Look into his 2wd Modified Buggy.

Starting with the basics McNair is running the Team Losi Racing 22 5.0! Before we get under the hood of this car we have to start on the outside. The body he uses to sport his signature paint scheme is the JConcepts S2 body. We make several options but the S2 is a fan favorite. For wings, he’s running the JConcepts Astro|Carpet Hi-Clearance Wing on the rear. On the front, he’s sporting the classic aero front wing.

The hot 2wd Tires of the weekend were the Fuzz Bites. While they were a little edgier to drive they were by far the fastest tire of the weekend. By the time they were gridding up for the A-Main, the tires were hooked up! Completing the look are the mono wheels, which are the go-to wheel for 1:10 scale racing.

Going under the hood of this winning vehicle we’ll start with the main electrical components! Rhett uses all Fantom racing electronics in his TLR ride and we have the inside scoop. Starting with the ESC he has loaded in the front, he is using the FR-10 PRO 2s 160 Amp ESC.  The servo is discretely tucked right under the mylaps transponder. McNair is running the Protek 160TBL black label low profile servo. One thing to note in the photo above is the holes Rhett has drilled in his wing. This was done to aid in the aerodynamics of the car and make jumping the vehicle easier. As for the battery, he’s powering this beast with the 4400mAh 130C 7.6V 2s Low Center of Gravity shorty pack.  This is the new Fantom battery with a lower IR, higher capacity, and flatter discharge curve.

As we head towards the rear of the vehicle we have the motor. He’s using the 5.5 Turn Icon v2 Pro modified from Fantom Racing.  Taking a look at the photo below you can check out the shocks and some of the front-end setup of the car. If you look closely you’ll notice that he’s using the JConcepts Fin Titanium Turnbuckles.

Wrapping up this Inside Look post, we’re sharing a photo of the rear end of his vehicle. We hope you enjoyed this inside look article, 1:10 Scale 2wd Modified Buggy edition! Congratulations again to Rhett McNair on his 40+  Modified Buggy win at the Florida Carpet Championships.