Fresh for 2021, Ronda Drake signs with JConcepts. Fascinated by RC at a young age, Ronda has made waves in Southern California starting in 1/10th off-road racing where she learned at a fast pace. Throughout the years, as new segments evolved, she has taken to the track in touring car, gas truck and eventually 1/8th off-road. A local on the scene, Ronda routinely races at tracks such as Thunder Alley, Revelation and, Palm Desert Raceways where she uses her talent and expertise to stack-up podium results on a weekly basis.

When not on the drivers stand or in the pits, Ronda has a very active social media presence with updates on her results, club racing activity and promotions on Drake related engine products and accessories. Not just a club racer, Ronda typically races the largest races of the year such as the Dirt Nitro Challenge, Silver State Nitro Challenge and her favorite the Mugen Challenge at LCRC in Oakland Mills, Pennsylvania. Look for her JConcepts debut at the JBRL to take place at SoCal Nitro Raceway in Victorville, California.

To see some clips of Ronda on the track, check the latest video to see some general knowledge and reaction to the JConcepts product. A lot of the action was produced at favorite tracks around Southern California in conditions typically seen in the local racing scene.

Jason Ruona states – “I’ve always known Ronda to be an excellent racer. Her coordination with sponsors and fellow racers is always in a manner that represents the highest level. Watching her compete on the racing scene in California has always been a joy and especially now that she’s with JConcepts.”

Ronda Drake states – “I first met Jason Ruona when he moved to California in 1997 and we became friends. The opportunity has finally presented itself and I proud to say that I’m excited to be joining the team for 2021 and beyond! Jason is very much involved with the team development, marketing, and always at the track with the ever evolving race scene. Jason being a top racer in the past, I truly value his knowledge and products. That being said, I’m excited to be a part of the JConcepts Team.”