JConcepts is a Florida-based R/C design and manufacturing company.  Owner and president, Jason Ruona, has been involved with Radio Control cars since the 1980's. Early beginnings include building and driving such vehicles as the Tamiya Clod Buster, the Team Losi JRX-T and Associated RC10 and RC10T.  The 1990's were spent as a Team Associated travel team driver racing at events all around the world. Now, decades later, Ruona is proudly selling quality bodies, tires, wheels and accessories to R/C racers around the world. 

Ruona debuted the first body in the Illuzion line of race bodies at the 2003 IFMAR World Championship in Clearwater, FL, and placed in the A-Main with his RC10B4 fitted with an Illuzion body. Also in 2003, Ruona and Brad Reelfs designed and built the BJ4, the company's first 4 wheel drive electric car for the IFMAR World Championship in Clearwater.  Ruona finished 13th overall in 4wd with this new car.

Initially, intended only as a prototype for the World Championships the BJ4 was never intended as a production car. However, as hype surrounding this prototype developed, it became apparent that the BJ4 had to become a production reality. A preorder list was created on the JConcepts website and the anticipation began.

In July of 2004, JConcepts released a small production run of BJ4 kits to customers waiting on the preorder list.  Receiving their kits just a few weeks before the event, Rod Rippee and Chris Baumgartner placed 1st and 3rd respectively in the 4wd stock class giving JConcepts their first ROAR National Championship. 

Early 2005 was a remarkable time for JConcepts. Ryan Maifield, driving the original BJ4, TQ'd and won the prestigious Cactus Classic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maifield also TQ'd the ROAR Modified Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut.  Jared Tebo continued to rack up victories with the Illuzion bodies at races such as the Dirt Nitro Challenge, Silver State Nitro Challenge, Cactus Classic and ROAR Modified Nationals.

Just as the original BJ4 was hitting its stride, the IFMAR World Championships was approaching once again. Prior to the event, a successor to the original BJ4 hit the drawing board. Utilizing a warm-up trip to Italy to confirm suspicions, the BJ4 Worlds Edition started to take shape.

Late 2005, Ruona and Reelfs celebrated the highest victory of all and took home top honors at the 2005 IFMAR Off-road World Championships in Collegno, Italy. Ryan Cavalieri won A-main number 1 and 2 to take the overall IFMAR World Championship win for JConcepts with his BJ4 Worlds Edition Car. Ryan Maifield, also driving the BJ4 Worlds Edition Car, TQ'd the 4wd modified class and finished in 3rd place overall.   In the 2wd modified class, 7 of the top 10 drivers in the A-main were running a JConcepts Illuzion body on their car. 

Early 2006 showed complete dominance for the BJ4 Worlds Edition. Jared Tebo picked up the TQ and win at the Cactus Classic in Scottsdale, AZ. Jared led a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sweep of the 4wd modified class for the BJ4 Worlds Edition.  During the summer of 2006 Ryan Cavalieri was in World Champion form as he picked up a TQ and a win at the prestigious Hot Rod Shootout in Saugus, CA.  Jared Tebo responded at the ROAR Modified Nationals picking up the TQ in all 4 rounds of qualifying as well 1st place in A-main number 1 and 2 to secure the 2006 ROAR Modified National Championship for the BJ4 Worlds Edition. Yet again, Jared led a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sweep of the 4wd modified class for JConcepts.

Also in the summer of 2006, Peter Pinisch TQ'd and won the European Championships for JConcepts. Peter's performance at the Euros showed the versatility and international competitive nature of the BJ4 Worlds Edition as the event was run on a track surface made up of a combination of Astro Turf and dirt.

Late 2006 showed many new innovative products for JConcepts, as several new products were introduced. The injected molded Illuzion 1/8th buggy and truck wing was introduced and raced to success.  Innovative design elements include Illuzionized center flow with durable through-rib design and recessed side dams for extra decal protection. 

In 2007, the JConcepts Racing Tires made their debut at the 2007 Nitro Challenge in Surprise, AZ.  In the hotly contested 45 minute A-main event, Ryan Maifield made it a debut to remember by winning the Pro Gas Truck class A-main with his Associated GT2 running on JConcepts Double Dees tires in Sticky Green Compound.  Although, the first major event for these tires, they had been under development for nearly a year making cameo appearances as Jason Ruona used them in victories at state and regional level events held in Florida.

In the summer of 2007 it was again Ryan Maifield taking the TQ at the 2007 ROAR Fuel Nationals with the prototype Double Dees tires for the 1/8th buggy class.   Ryan took the class by storm with the specialty tire, taking the fastest overall time at the event and quickest lap-time in competition.    Also during 2007 it became official that JConcepts had sold the design of the championship winning BJ4 buggy to Team Associated and collaborated on the design of the successor, the B44.    The B44 designed by Jason Ruona, Brad Reelfs and Team Associated Area 51 staff, quickly moved into the winners circle as the group celebrated another title with the newly released buggy at the 2007 IFMAR World Championships in Icirino Hakosan-Shi, Ishikawa, Japan.

 During the late months of 2007, JConcepts unveiled several new 1/10th buggy tires, the Double Dees and Bar Codes V1 hit the market and helped shape a newly invigorated class.   The Bar Codes V1 became the most popular indoor tire with the new Gold indoor tire compound gripping indoor cold, clay conditions in a whole new way.  Double Dees dominated events outdoors where traction was hard to come by and specifically in wet track and loamy conditions.  JConcepts introduced their first race event in Florida called the JConcepts Clash inviting racers to compete at the famous Lake Park track in Lutz, FL.  Ryan Maifield performed on point as he dominated 3 classes of racing, and winning all classes on JConcepts tires.  The tire line was officially taking off for JConcepts in 2007.

In 2008, the focus became intense on the 1/8th IFMAR Worlds which were to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Farm 2 race track.  Going all out for this event, JConcepts introduced 4 new 1/8th buggy tires including the Crowbars, Crossbows, Sevens and Double Cross tires during this special event held in the United States.  Ryan Maifield had his eye on the target  all weekend and after qualifying 4th with the new Crossbow tire, Ryan raced his semi-final taking 1st place placing him in the Pole Position for the start of the IFMAR World Championships.  JConcepts Racing Tires sat on top of the world for the start of the largest 1/8th race in the world.

JConcepts signed Florida driver JR Mitch during the beginning of 2009.  JR, an experienced and well respected driver, took his racing to new heights while representing JConcepts during early 2009.  Mitch dominated in the 1/8th nitro classes in Florida while running the full complement of JConcepts tires, wheels and accessories.   While Mitch was cleaning up in the 1/8th division, JConcepts founder Jason Ruona was busy representing on the Florida Super Cup Championship Series taking practically every series in the 2wd and 4wd modified classes.  JConcepts largest victories of 2009 came from Ryan Maifield as he won the 1/8th buggy class as the Dirt Nitro Challenge and then took the ROAR National title in the 1/10th modified truck class in Omaha, Nebraska and 1/8th truck class in Joliet, Illinois, using Sevens, Double Dees and Crosshairs tires respectively.

2010 marked the height of a new breed of racing as the Short Course truck class emerged.  JConcepts took the Short Course market extremely seriously developing tires specific to the class with a more race-able tire body, tread and compound selection.  JConcepts obtained its first licensing agreement with Ford Motor Company allowing specific bodies to be designed with bearing a genuine Ford stamp of approval.  Ryan Maifield took full advantage of the best body shell and tire combination designed by JConcepts winning the first ever ROAR Short Course Nationals in Joliet, Illinois.  The Ford Raptor body immediately became the go-to body for Short Course performance spawning many other companies to copy the design and vehicle branding.  Late in December of 2010 the team made the trip to Pattaya, Thailand, for the IFMAR 1/8th Off-Road World Championships.   Loaded with 3 fresh tires, Hybrids, Subcultures and 3Ds, the JConcepts drivers performed well and once again Ryan Maifield placed his JConcepts equipped Team Associated buggy in the 4th place in overall qualifying after TQ’ing 2 rounds of qualifying by a large margin.

At this point JConcepts had become known for new marketing ideas combining video, photo and event race reports and coverage giving the consumer more information than ever before.  The race event highlight and music videos began to catch on to the point where the style and substance were being used as a standard format for R/C videos within the entire industry.  JConcepts combined the use of video, photos and blog posts as a new interactive way to get the message out to fans and customers worldwide.

The team focused on the 2011 season with 1/10th Off-Road again at the forefront of racing development.  Everyone embraced having the IFMAR Worlds back in Finland, and Vassa was the perfect location for the industry’s most successful class of racing.  JConcepts had the privilege of being chosen the control tire for the event where the Double Dees were used as the 2wd rear tire and Flip-outs were used as the front and rear of the 4wd class.  JConcepts drivers Ryan Maifield and Jorn Neumann dominated during the event with Ryan taking 2nd in the 2wd modified class and TQ’ing the 4wd modified class.  Jorn rose to the occasion and led many laps of the 4wd finals but experienced a disaster after an electrical problem ultimately cost him a chance at the title.  JConcepts Rips front tires were the tire to have and utilized by 9 of the top 10 2wd buggies in the A-main including the World Champion Ryan Cavalieri.  The cleverly named Finnisher body dropped for the B4.1 and B44.2 buggy opening the door for a complete new line of bodies in the new popular image.

2011 was a major growth year for JConcepts as the Short Course Class took off and Maifield took another ROAR National title in the class using the new Hi-Flow body, Hazard wheels and Bar Codes tires.   Ryan also dominated at his favorite event of the year, the 2011 Cactus Classic, by TQ’ing 4 classes and taking 1st in 2wd, 4wd and SCT modified all while using JConcepts tires, wheels, bodies and accessories.  Jason Ruona spent quality time with up and coming JConcepts drivers at the first of its kind Indoor National Series developed by Jason and JConcepts.  Tanner Denney, Steven Hartson among other drivers experienced success at the first running of this national series.

2012 kicked off with JConcepts driver Jorn Neumann taking the Reedy Race of Champions in the Invitational class at West Coast R/C Raceway using a combination of JConcepts tires, bodies and wings.  Ryan Maifield continued his dominance at the Cactus Classic winning once again 3 classes, sweeping the 2wd, 4wd and SCT modified classes for a 2nd year in a row.  Dustin Evans, the 2011 ROAR National Champion, officially joined the JConcepts race team in 2012 as a 1/10th Off-Road guru paving the way for many other TLR drivers to follow suit.  Ryan Maifield looked sharp throughout 2012 as a double winner at the 2012 Alabama Manufacturers Shootout in the 1/8th buggy and truck classes.  The Hybrids tire released less than 2 years before this event now became the favorite and go-to tire this event and at many of the large one-off events.  Maifield added another ROAR National Championship to the resume by winning the 4x4 Short Course Class with the JConcepts equipped SC10 4x4 at the event held at West Coast R/C Raceway in La Mirada, CA.  The company added its 2nd licensing contract by collaborating with General Motors to bring a new and exciting Chevrolet 1500 Silverado to its successful line-up of Short Course bodies.  2012 finished up with a trip to IFMAR 1/8th World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the team debuted the Silencer body style, Finnisher wing for 1/8th buggy and the innovative Metrix tire.

2013 began with a huge bang as Ryan Maifield took the 1/8th buggy class at the Dirt Nitro Challenge utilizing the special body (Silencer) and tire (Metrix) made for the worlds just 2 months earlier.  The JConcepts design team began working serious overtime releasing new product each month utilizing advanced aluminum and carbon fiber materials adding new high performance accessories to popular vehicles.  The Scalpel body and racing class was developed for the popular Traxxas Slash 4x4 as a specific speed run vehicle.    Race results started piling up for the team with blog entries filling the space in the popular news media outlets.    Ryan Maifield dominated the Cactus Classic once again by winning the 4wd and modified truck class in convincing fashion.  During the summer months, Ryan Maifield dominated the Short Course class once again at the ROAR Off-Road Nationals putting JConcepts firmly on top in the most emerging class in the industry.  Fresh JConcepts talent, Spencer Rivkin and Daimon Borkowicz put on a show in the ROAR stock classes with Spencer taking the 2wd and SCT national titles at just 14 years old.  13 year old Daimon Borkowicz would settle for 2nd and 3rd in 2wd and truck stock classes at his first ROAR national event.

The design team dropped 2 new SCT bodies on the market by releasing its 3rd licensing partner product, this time, through Nissan.  The Nissan Titan and Armada SCT bodies quickly rose to the top of the racing and sales charts with an innovative flare that only JConcepts can deliver.  Ryan Maifield, Dustin Evans and Steven Hartson battled all season on the JConcepts created, Indoor National Series events with Ryan Maifield taking the series victory in 2wd, 4wd, truck and SCT modified classes.    JConcepts finished off the year with a great presence and as a major sponsors at the 2013 IFMAR 1/10th Off-Road World Championships at Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, CA.  The 2wd class final events were spectacular with Ryan Maifield taking 3rd overall debuting the new Dirt Webs 2wd front tire to success and fastest lap-time in the A-finals.  Steven Hartson put an exclamation point on the year by winning A-final 1 and 3 in the 4wd class to bring home his first IFMAR World Championship and record IFMAR victory number 7 for JConcepts.  Steven’s B44.2 was decked out in JConcepts Finnisher body, Hi-Clearance wing, Mono wheels and aluminum and carbon fiber steering rack assembly making it a special victory for the team.

With consistent, top-quality products, built with precision and care, designed by racers, for racers, JConcepts is THE R/C company to turn to. View our products pages to read more details on each product.

Accolades for the company's products in both nitro and electric include:

IFMAR World Champion
ROAR National Champion
Reedy Race of Champions Champion
Dirt Nitro Challenge Champion
Silver State Champion
European Champion
Cactus Classic Champion
Hot Rod Shootout Champion
JConcepts Clash Champion
JConcepts Indoor National Series Champion

MAP Pricing

JConcepts has established a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy for their product line, including, but not limited to, tires, wheels, bodies, and accessories. This policy has been in place since the company’s inception and has been firmly monitored beginning in 2016.  

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