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View the complete Tire Reference Packet HERE.

JConcepts is pleased to announce their 2023 Tire Reference and Comparison Packet. In the fast-paced world of RC tires, it’s rare to capture all current models, their names, exposition, and available compounds all in one packet. JConcepts begins the 2023 season showing off their complete line of current models, and playing into the future showing several unreleased, but items so close to release, we couldn’t resist adding them to the fray.


Updates or changes include streamlining the compound line and adding locations for a variety of Aqua compounds. An update to the application chart now includes when and where to use certain tread and compounds. We’ve provided an icon which indicates a pre-mounted option or intended future option. New 2.2 tire crawler tire options have been added, along with SCX6 models, 1.7” and 1.9” RC10 front and rear tires, new XMaxx and XRT high-performance options and a few hidden gems scheduled for release very soon. #gojconcepts


Fun Facts

The first JConcepts tire tread, the Double Dees were tested in 2006 and released in 2007 during the JConcepts Clash at Lake Park in Lutz, Florida. The tire remains a contender today and is part of the 1/10th buggy line-up which has grown to 15 available patterns. The 1/8th buggy tire line-up is also stout with also 15 family members to suit a variety of track conditions in the tough and rugged world of off-road racing. Always a large supporter of SCT racing, JConcepts has 14 different tread patterns in the line-up making it the 3rd largest collection available from the team in Groveland, Florida.